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Javelin Systems Introduces QStor Video Storage System

SYOSSET, NY - Javelin Systems introduces QStor, a powerful new digital video storage system that is the latest addition to the remarkable Qnet family.

QStor captures clean, crisp images at a better resolution than that a typical VCR and stores the data in a digital format eliminating degradation or the need to fast-forward or rewind. And, unlike multiplexed storage systems, QStor captures all the activity from all the cameras simultaneously. The optional QUICNet, a Graphical User Interface (GUI), allows users to easily navigate information by following a simple floor plan and clicking on a camera or recorder for video.

On site and remote access to both live and stored information is just a click away and can be accessed right from a desktop PC from anywhere in the world. Because QStor also supports multitasking and is a multi-user system, access to system features is password protected. Camera and monitor selection is partitioned and authorized users and their access rights are also set.

QStor is designed to operate independently, with or without an on site operator. If the system’s operation is interrupted for any reason, an optional built-in automated disaster recovery feature ensures that QStor will reestablish operation upon power-up in its last configuration – without the need for costly and potentially compromising on site operator intervention.

QStor keeps all data safely at the site with a user definable "storage-life" that may be optionally configured and expanded to provide up to 625 hours of hard disk storage before needing to employ other mass storage devices. Old, unneeded data is automatically overwritten and since QStor doesn’t rely on site-staff to exchange and label tapes, the potential for human error is reduced.

Designed to capture and display video at fast frame rate (up to 25 fps – both live and recorded), QStor provides smooth, continuous video. The full-duplex, simultaneous record and playback of the QStor system means uninterrupted recording even while viewing live video or retrieving stored video. Information can be extracted from a site with the simple click of a button and be saved to optional ZIP drives.

 QStor will fit into most existing CCTV and alarm installation and control PTZ and high speed domes from most major industry manufacturers.

For additional information on Javelin’s QStor, please call Javelin Systems at 800.421.2716, or visit their website at

Javelin Systems is one of the world’s leading suppliers of closed circuit television (CCTV) systems for commercial, institutional and traffic management markets. With over 30,000 CCTV installations in more than 70 countries, Javelin has established a long tradition of technological excellence. Javelin’s sophisticated PC-based CCTV and multi-system control integration exemplify a unique dedication to innovation. As a part of The ADEMCO Group and a division of Pittway Corporation - a company whose annual sales exceed $1.3 billion - Javelin Systems will continue to lead the way in CCTV technology.